10 Tips to pass your exams

For me, and most of you college students out there, it’s that time of the semester again. Yep, exams. Even though this is my first semester in college, I have already learned to study the right way, since I was still in school. For me there are a few things you will always have to do throughout the semester and some that just matter when you are really studying. Today, I want to share my top 10 study tricks, that can make you pass any exam

1. Start early

Probably the most important thing to if you want to pass your exams. If you wait until the end to start studying, there’s a high risk that you won’t finish (especially when you have to revise for like 6 subjects, each with over 300 pages of notes).

2. Go to lectures

You should really try to attend all your lectures, even if you are able to learn everything at home. They make it easier to understand everything, plus some professors may give  you tips for the exam.

3. Make a study plan

The more closer exams get, I recommend making a study plan. It really helps to have an overview over how much time you have left and how much you should study per day. That way you can make sure you start in time to finish with everything you need to do.

4. A clean work space

To get in the perfect work  mood, you should find a space (like a desk), that you only dedicate to working. On top of that, to eliminate distractions, keep it clean and free from any non-work related things.

5. Make flashcards

Given the amount of content you need to study, it’s always recommendable, that you summarize your notes. To help me study,  I always make flashcards with keywords and explanations at the back. That way you can memorize everything in your own words.

6. Enough sleep

The day before your exam, enough sleep is the key to be fit and able to concentrate on the exam. Even if you might be nervous sometimes and have trouble sleeping, go to bed early to make sure you don’t lose too much sleep.

7. Drink Water and eat!

To have enough energy throughout your studies, make sure to eat! Even if you might not be able to cook a three course meal, some snacks and a sandwich are everything you need. Apart from food, force yourself to drink enough water! Keeping yourself hydrated is not only important for your concentration while studying, but also to stay healthy everyday.

8. Pretend your the teacher

Put yourself in the role of your teacher/ professor. Explain everything you studied to another person in your own words. That way you can see, if you really understood it all and memorize it more easily.

9. Study for short periods

It’s hard to keep yourself concentrated for many hours at once. At one point, we just can’t focus anymore and going on studying would be less effective. To make the most it, I recommend to study in periods of 30 to 50 minutes, and then take a 10 to 20 minute break.

10. The day before: Only revise

When you’ve finished learning everything. You should use the day before only to revise, and not learn anything new. It always helps me to feel more secure about what I studied and not to mix up things.

Do you have exams coming up ? What are your best study methods?

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