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1o Things to do in 2018

Happy new year guys! I hope your 2017 went by as well as mine did and you managed to accomplish all your goals (or most of them). And you know, even if you didn’t, the beginning of a new year is always a good fresh Start. To kick off this year i decided to change some bad old habits and focus on new purposes in life. Today I want share the 10 main goals I set for myself, hoping that some of these will insipire you.

1.Manage finances  Probably my main goal this year, is to spend responsably and save more money. I have a tendency to shop and go out a lot… and of course, spend a lot. I will try to restrict my monthly budget and save as much money as I can.

2. Travel more often  For a globetrotter like me, there’s never such a thing as too much travelling. I try to visit as much places as I can. Especially if I haven’t been there!

3. A healthy lifestyle  I’m one of those people that tend to skip breakfast and forget to drink water, whenever they have a lot going on in their lives. This year, I aim to force myself to make more time for breakfast, clean eating, and staying hydrated. What always helps me to organise my time better is keep track of everything I do (or still need to to) in my planner.

4. Experience something new  It’s easy to always remain inside your comfort zone when your happy with your life. Doing the same hobbies, sports and other activities everyday has made me decide, I want to expericene something outside of my comfort zone. Even though I’m not sure yet what I’m gonna do, it’s still an exciting feeling…

5. Learn a new language  I really like learning and speaking new languages. It’s fun and a really good way to learn something new by yourself. Haven’t decided yet, but I’m leaning towards Italian!

6. Be more active  Especially outdoors! In the Winter, when it’s cold outside, I tend to never wanting to leave my house. I want to learn to make the most of this season and have more fun in the cold. Maybe I’ll try out some winter sports…

7. Find a new hobby  It’s always nice when you find a new activity that brings you pleausure and excitement. I must say, I have tried out many different sports and activities in the past, but this year I’d like to try something creative (like scrapbooking maybe).

8. Read, Read, Read  Reading more books, is an aim I always want to reach, but never really find the time to do it. I will try to take a book everywhere I can. A little bit everyday…

9. Clearing out  Everything! Mostly my wardrobe, yes, but also my Room, Desk, and Dresser. In the past year I didn’t really clear out anything and horted to much stuff, I now have to get rid off. I guess I’ll find some time, on a weekend maybe, and throw out everything I don’t need anymore.

10. Good grades  Since I started college last October and I have exams coming up (help!), I want to focus more on my studies and get good grades.

What are your goals this year?

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