Winter Must-Haves

Fashion trends come and go. Most of them keep varying from season to season, so that keeping up can be difficult. We gotta keep updating and clearing out our wardrobe regularly, but some pieces just stay! I want to share with you the key-items that have always accompanied me during all the cold winters.

Cuddly Socks

If you always have cold feet like I do, you will understand. For me there is literally no worse feeling than freezing at home. The most comfortable way to keep your feet warm is to wear cuddly socks (or some fluffy slippers). I always have at least one pair of these at home!


But as you all know, the moment will come when you have to leave your house. And of course, you’ll want to keep your feet warm outside aswell. Whenever you want to buy new winter boots, I recommend water resisant ones, so that snow and rain will be rejected.

Down Jacket

Obviously, you’ll not only want to keep your feet warm, but also your body. In my opinion, the best winter jackets, are down feather jackets. They might be a little bit pricier, but really worth it!

Pom Pon Hats

A classic, that kind of always reminds me of my childhood, but every women owns. These hats with their pompon on top make you look really cute and keep your ears warm. Is there really more to say…

Knit Sweathers

When I’m inside my house, I just love wearing hoodies. But, whenever I want to go out, I prefer to change. In order to still be comfortable and look cute, I love to just wear kintted sweathers. They really are timeless and just fit the season so well.

XXL – Scarfs

I guess every girl knows them, and every girl owns them. Huge scrafs, that almost resemble a blanket. Is there really anything more comfortable than being able to wrap yourself up in your scarf anywhere you are?


Admit it guys, we all want to wear a cute dresses with some overknee boots even when it’s cold outside. If you are one of those girls who manage to wear this without any thights, here’s to you! For my a number one essential when I’m wearing a dress in the winter, are tights. And the best thing is, that when you were some with i.e. a special pattern, they can become the It-piece of your outfit!

What are your must-have pieces for the winter season?


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