Bucket List // Travel Destinations 2018

To Travel is to live

I guess traveling has always been a huge part of my life, since every year  I’ve had the chance to visit at least one new country I’ve never been in. The past year I decided to just take one trip ( it was to Malagà, Spain) and spend some quality time in Munich. So in comparison to last year, I’m going to change some things and go out and explore what the world has to offer! Also, if you are from Europe, 2018 may be your year to travel, because of the good currency exchange rates … if you’re like me aiming for low budget travel destinations. I will be sharing you some of the trips I already booked and those that are still on my this years bucket list.

Athens, Greece

Booked! Me and my boyfriend are flying to Athens for six days, this February during the holidays. When we first started looking on where to go, we never actually thought we would end up booking this trip. We were thinking more about a winterlike kind of travel destination. Buuut, here we are! Im still amazed at how cheap the whole trip was at this time of year. The weather there is not too cold but not too hot either, so perfect for a nice little city trip. Athens is just one of those cities, where there is just so much too see and so much culture to explore. The museums, Plaka (one of the oldest parts of the city) and of course the Acropolis, which by the way we can be seen from our hotel! And the food. I just can’t wait to try an authentic greek salad and drink some greek wine. Anyway a more detailed travel guide, such as Restaurants and Hotel reviews will be coming up after I’m back from my trip

Amazing view of the beautiful city of Athens


Berlin, Germany

Already booked too! Starting March, me and some friends from College will be taking a short trip to Berlin for four days. The main purpose for us there will actually be visiting the ITB, which is a huge fair about tourism with lots and lots of interesting exhibitors, such as tour operators, hoteliers, and event organizers. What then is left our time, is planned to enjoy Berlin and getting to know all it’s corners. Berlin is also a city that has to offer a perfect mix of culture and free time activities. There are so many bars, restaurants, cafés and shopping possibilities, that will definitely keep us busy the whole time we’ll be spending there. Even though hotel room prices in Germany, may be a pit pricey, it’s always a good alternative to stay in a hostel or rent an apartment, like we did.

Panoramic view of the Berlin Skyline


Sofia, Bulgaria

From my point of view Sofia or Bulgaria in general, is a place where the common ‘packaged tour’ tourist would first be like: Bulgaria? Why should I go there? Its’ usually just a bunch of teenagers going to beach to party. Sure, it’s true that the golden sands are very well known for attracting a lot of younger people because of it’s liberal policies and cheap prices. But, there is actually so much more to do there, rather than just lying on the beach. Sofia, is located in western part of Bulgaria, at the foot of the Vitosha mountain. The capital offers a variety of museums, parks, theaters, cathedrals and malls. In 2013 it was also declared the cheapest capital to visit in Europe, which is perfect when you’re thinking about traveling on a budget.

Skyline of the Bulgarian Landscape


Marrakech, Morocco

The beautiful city of Marrakesh has been on my Travel Destination list for some time now. Last year I was dying to go there and spend a week in the city, taking a camel ride trip through the desert, visiting a traditional souk, going to the beach… I’m thinking of finally going there this September, when it’s not as hot as in the summer months. Countries in the north of Africa, like Egypt or Morocco, are really cheap to visit at the moment.

Beautiful Landscape of the desert of Marocco


Bavaria, Germany

Why travel half way around the world, when there are so many activities you can do only a few hours away from your house? I have been thinking a lot about taking a wellness trip to Prague, Budapest or the North of Germany. But hey, is it really that relaxing to take a huge amount of time and stress yourself with airport stress just to get to your destination. I prefer making the way there part of my journey and take a little road trip up to a nice hotel in the outskirts of Munich. There really are so many nice Wellness & Spa hotels in Bavaria, where you’ll definitely be able to escape your everyday stress and relax for a while.

View of the Bavarian Mountains


Lisbon, Portugal

The city for everyone? The more I research and hear about Lisbon, the more I ask myself why I haven’t visited this city yet. Lisbon is really one of the top travel destinations for everyone living in Europe. The first thing that comes to my mind, whenever I think about this city, are the old trams driving through it. But I found out, that Lisbon is very well know for it’s night life and it’s beaches, which is something I’m looking forward to to spend the summer. On top of that, I’d really like to learn how to surf! and Portugal has the best surfing spots in all of Europe!

View of the city landscape of Lisbon, Portugal

*Photos from Stock Photography

Where are you lovelies thinking about going this year? What have your top travel destinations been so far? Do you have any suggestions on where to eat/ go out in one of these cities? Would love to get some suggestions!




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