About Me

About the girl behind the Blog

Hey Lovlies,

My Name is Michelle, I’m 20 years old and live in the beautiful city of Munich. I’m so glad you found this blog! I will post every Wednesday and Sunday about everything I that inspires me: Travelling, Fashion, Beauty and more…

For you to get to know me a little bit better, I’m gonna tell you 15 interesting facts sbout myself:

  1. I’m a toursim managment student
  2. I grew up in different countrys: In Mexico, Peru, Thailand & Germany
  3. I work half time in a hotel
  4. My birthday is in April and I can’t wait to turn 21 *yay*
  5. I love dogs more than anything
  6. My favorite season is summer
  7. I love living in big cities
  8. And dream of moving to California
  9. I really like cooking food by myself
  10. I like doing sports
  11. Especially swimming and going to the gym
  12. TV Shows are my life
  13. Naturally I have curly hair
  14. I love Hip Hop music, it always get’s me in a good mood!
  15. My height is 165 cm snd I wear size 36 shoes

Hope I gave you a good impression and that you got to know me a bit better. Enjoy reading my blog!